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I recently wrote a post for on the difference between a yoga teacher employee and a yoga teacher as an entrepreneur.

Here’s an excerpt:

You were a yoga teacher. You worked at a studio, taught twice a day, five days a week. You were paid per class, $45 a time. It didn’t matter if there were thirty students, twenty students, or three students, you always made the same amount. When you started out classes were always full. The yoga studio was pretty busy. Everything was good and easy, but things started to go wrong.

The owners of the studio made some bad decisions. They weren’t treating members well, and then a new studio opened in the neighbourhood. It was newer and cheaper. The sizes of your classes started to dwindle. Twenty students turned into fifteen, turned into ten. You still made $45 though, so you were happy.

One day you come to teach and notice a sign on the door. It says that the studio is closed. Permanently. The owners shut the doors and left without refunding memberships, or paying teachers. You had been an employee, but now you are out of a job.

It didn’t have to be this way. You didn’t have to be an employee. You didn’t have to be out of work and depending on another studio to try and get a new teaching gig. You could have done things differently. You could have been an entrepreneur.

What would the entrepreneurial yoga teacher do differently?….

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