If It Doesn’t Make Sense It’s Probably Nonsense

In school, you are taught that everything has already been figured out.

History, math, or science, whichever field you’re learning about, the ultimate answers have been figured out, and those answers are contained in your textbook.

You, as a student, are unenlightened. But if you sit still and memorize the rights words you can have the answers.

In school, you are taught that when you don’t understand something it is not the thing that is wrong, it is you that is wrong.

The book is hard to comprehend because YOU lack the intellect.

The math is hard to understand because YOU lack the conceptual thinking.

The lesson you don’t learn in school is to apply and trust your judgement.

You don’t learn that if something doesn’t make sense, it is very likely nonsense.

You don’t learn that most of the ultimate answers from our textbooks are actually incorrect.

Students abandon their search for truth because they feel unsuited. They become uninterested in math or philosophy.

Or they become convinced that they lack a trait crucial to understanding certain subjects. They aren’t numbers people. They aren’t science minded.

Students are lead into puzzles that lack legitimate solutions, and they learn to distrust their minds because they can’t figure it out.

The lesson they should be learning is to distrust the experts. To trust their judgment. To examine things deeply, but to sense that if a subject doesn’t make sense, it is not because THEY are dumb, but because the answers they are given are actually nonsense.

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