Having Time to Think

One of the most important aspects of travel for me is the time it allows for thinking.

As you sit on busses going from place A to place B, you are left thinking about life.

Away from home, your job, your friends, and the life you had been living you can step back and think about how your life is going. You can identify the things you don’t like. You can identify the things that you do like. You can think about the person you want to become and the life you want to live.

Taking time to think deeply about your life is a massively valuable part of travel, but if you want to live a satisfying life you need to make deep thought a habit at home.

It’s hard when you return home from a trip, and your life fills up with responsibilities to think about the big picture.

It’s hard to remember the person you want to be when you’re fretting about the things you haven’t been getting done at work or the event you forgot you agreed to with your girlfriend.

To incorporate thinking, you need a habit, and you need a routine.

It can take many forms. It may be a long daily walk without music. It could be a hike on the weekend. It could be a long silent commute to work.

It doesn’t matter what your thinking habit is, so long as there is sometime somewhere each week that you can think big picture about life.

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