Tourist Traps

Today we took an adventure to Vulcan, Alberta. Vulcan is about two hours south of Calgary. It’s a small rural town. Known for producing wheat, for having nine grain elevators at one point in the past. But what Vulcan is known for is a naming coincidence¬†with a planet from Star Trek.

To capitalize on the coincidence, Vulcan has gone all out star trek.

The town is a typical small Alberta town. The type of town that has combines filling up at one of the gas stations. The kind of place where it is hard to find someone under the age of 60 walking around during the day.

But as you turn onto the main street in Vulcan you are struck by a sight that is anything but normal. A large statue of the Enterprise spaceship from Star Trek, and a big alien spaceship looking building.

The building that looks like a spaceship is Vulcan’s tourist center. It’s a cool funky building that seems like it’s hay day was about twenty years ago.

Inside you can look at cool Star Trek memorabilia, and in one section dress up for photos in Trek costumes.

It was a fun experience. A cool and unique place not far from our back yard. More than that though it was a great reason to go out for a drive, explore a new part of the province and have some quality time with my girlfriend.

Tourist traps get a lot of hate. But if you can put your cynicism aside, and just enjoy the break from routine and normalcy that they provide those traps can be a great reason to have a memorable day and a fun adventure.

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