Freelancing and Immigration

Last month I hired two people for small projects on One was from India, the other Ukraine.

They did quality work and were a pleasure to work with. It sounds like a boring and trivial event, but it is a small piece of a great revolution.

Every day millions of people in the developing world log onto their laptops to do work for companies in the US and other countries in the developed world.

Twenty years ago the only way to work for a business in another country was to fight through the swamp of immigration laws.

Today, with a laptop, wifi, and an Upwork profile, you can be working for a company abroad in an hour.

Immigration still matters. But the story of immigration is no longer just about airports and border guards. It is now also about laptops and freelancing sites.

It is easy to get down about the current events, but it is important to remember the massive change happening around the world. The movement of our time is not about a world becoming more divided; it is about a world becoming more connected. It is a story of the increasing irrelevance of lawmaking bufoons and the growing interconnectedness of the digital world.

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