Gaining Perspective

It’s easy to get frustrated when a situation doesn’t go your way.

Whether it is a lead that doesn’t buy your product or a client that is doing something unexpected, the natural reaction is to feel frustrated.

From your perspective, you can see a better way. Events could have gone differently and a whole lot smoother. But they didn’t and now you are left with a challenge that makes your life more difficult.

It’s easy to externalize this feeling of frustration. To place blame on people other than you, whose actions could have made your life easier. It’s easy, but it is unproductive.

In these situations when you start to feel frustrated about the current course of events, the way forward is to step back and gain perspective. To depersonalize the situation.

Instead of being stuck in the first person and being frustrated by the challenges you are now facing, you can choose to see your situation in the third person. You can view the challenge as an obstacle in a heroic tale. You can see yourself as the hero in a movie, a story, or a video game, and accept the obstacles that lye in front of you.

And of course, there are obstacles. It would be terribly boring without them. You would have no opportunities to grow and gain power if everything was smooth sailing. If you customer did exactly what you wanted them to do, you would have no opportunity to improve your skills in communication and persuasion.

When the short term is less challenging, the long-term is less prosperous.

When you take the mental step back and gain perspective the challenges become a lot less frustrating and a lot more fun. They become puzzles to crack instead of roadblocks slowing you down. They become a critical part of what makes your life interesting and what makes your current situation a valuable experience.

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