Great Work Requires Courage

A massively underestimated part of personal and professional growth is simply showing up and doing things that make you uncomfortable.

Not uncomfortable in a “selling babies on the internet” kind of way, but uncomfortable in that it doesn’t feel good because you’re out of your comfort zone.

As humans, we have a strong pull towards safety. We want to stay in the domains that we can control and that we are comfortable in.

The reason work is so beneficial for personal development is that it creates strong incentives to get out of your comfort zone. The social pressure and monetary rewards give you the motivation to stretch yourself and learn to master new things.

People look at others who do their jobs exceptionally well and attribute it to skill, talent, and hard work. Those things certainly play a role, but what is often overlooked is the simple commitment to following through with your responsibilities and doing the right thing, regardless of how you feel.

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