Rationalize vs. Actualize

Every day we are faced with small yet important decisions. These small points are opportunities to live up to our ideals or to hide and do what is easy. How we respond to those situations will determine how we respond when we are faced with large problems and they will determine the person we become in the future.

When you do what you believe to be right, even when you are faced with negative consequences, you take steps towards actualization. You become a more confident, capable, and real version of yourself.

But when you don’t do what is right, when you choose the easy way out you sacrifice yourself to hide from reality.

It is incredibly difficult to live with the fact that we have not lived up to our standards. Instead, most people naturally and unconsciously rationalize and explain away their actions. They fall into the trap of rationalizing their behavior and hide from reality to protect their increasingly fragile egos.

This battle between right and easy, between rationalizing and actualizing happens every day of your life. That is the good news. You will never be perfect and you will never be irredeemable. When you wake up tomorrow you have a choice. Choose to build the better version of yourself. Choose to do what is right, not what is easy.

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