12 Days of Yours.org

Leading up to Christmas we had a challenge in the Praxis community to blog for 12 days straight. I had been blogging daily for just over a month already, so I made my personal challenge to blog on Yours.org.

Yours is a social network that uses bitcoin cash to monetize every action and allow creators to earn money. Everything you do, from creating a post, upvoting, to commenting you pay very small amounts. When people comment or vote on your content you earn a little bit of money. If you want to, you can put part of your content behind a paywall and charge for access. If a reader likes your content, they can choose to tip you.

It is a fun challenge to blog on a different site. The audience you are writing for and the place you are putting your writing changes the way you write.

For Yours, the community is into cryptocurrency and especially bitcoin cash. Obviously more than just that, but posts about cryptocurrency do well. It is a topic I’ve been interested in, so it was a great incentive to focus on ideas that I have been interested in for years but haven’t written much about.

It was fun to experiment with and over the 12 days, I earned $39.76, which luckily coincided with an almost doubling of the price of bitcoin cash so turned into quite a bit more.

I write mostly for the practice of thinking, and I feel most free when I write on my own blog. So my plan is to write my daily blogs here and post on Yours when they are relevant to the community there or I have ideas for ways I can use the paywall.

Here are the twelve posts from yours:

  1. Don’t Let Crypto-FOMO Ruin The Revolution
  2. Learning To Work and The Great Divorce
  3. Tipping For Everything
  4. Four Yours.org Use Cases
  5. Assumptions and Arguments for 1mb Blocksize
  6. Three Unrelated Predictions for 2018
  7. Cryptocurrency Calendar Idea
  8. A Store of Value is Relative
  9. Creating a New Standard
  10. For Cryptocurrency Marketing is Overrated and Underrated
  11. My Four Favorite Motivational Videos
  12. Free Likes vs. Paid Votes

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