All My Blog Posts From 2017

I wrote 67 blog posts in 2017. They cover lot’s of different topics, but the two main areas of focus are work and cryptocurrency.

Here they all sorted by topic.

Books, Movies, Podcasts

1) Men of Opinion vs. Men of Action
The types of people who care about what others think, instead of focusing on what they do.

3) The Quality Without a Name
Christopher Alexander’s idea applied to people.

6) Re-Reading Harry Potter
I re-read all the Harry Potter books this spring and wrote out some of the ideas that stuck out.

12) Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield | Notes & Quotes
The follow up to The War of Art is a fantastic read for anyone trying to do something hard.

13) The Fish That Ate the Whale | Notes & Quotes
The story of banana titan Samuel Zemurray.

26) The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz | Notes & Quotes
Ben Horowitz shares the trials and tribulations of building a company.

27) Commerce Brings Light to the Darkest Places (Wonder Woman)
Shining some light on an easy to overlook sign from the great Wonder Woman.

37) Masters of Scale Notes: Episodes 1-4
My notes on the first half of the Masters of Scale podcast.


10) Sitting and Working
A big part of getting things done is just getting started.

14) Commitment is Key
Personal growth happens when you commit to something you don’t know you can do.

15) Self-Motivation and Commitment
We focus too much on the idea of motivation and too little on commitment and courage.

20) Making Shitloads of Money
Effort does not equal value created, but to learn how to create lots of value you need to work hard.

23) How to Get a Remote Job
Jobs are dynamic.

24) Rationalize vs. Actualize
You choose your future dozens of times a day.

25) Great Work Requires Courage
Courage isn’t just for war movies.

28) Perspective and Digital Work
You control how you feel about your work.

35) Momentum at Work
Doing small things well leads to big results.

36) Committing to Work
Don’t think of your job as continuing forever.

45) Forged Not Built
Don’t prepare, jump in and learn as you go.

47) Why Businesses Hire
Don’t get lost in the abstraction of a job.

48) You Don’t Like Your Job Because You Suck at Your Job
Most negative feelings about work are driven by disatisfaction with your own performance.

53) Learning To Work and The Great Divorce
Learning hurts.

60) Creating a New Standard–c877a981aa6c
When you make something great, people come to expect greatness.

64) Build Your Own McDonald’s
A lesson from The Founder.


29) The Beautiful Chaos of Cryptocurrency
The awesomeness of a market for money.

32) What Is Bitcoin?
Some thoughts about bitcoin.

33) Why Cryptocurrency Matters
Thinking big picture about cryptocurrency.

41) Culture and Betting
The power of open prediction markets.

42) Cats on the Blockchain
Some thoughts on CryptoKitties.

49) Technical “Analysis”
Technical Analysis is dumb.

52) Don’t Let Crypto-FOMO Ruin The Revolution–5d4d54e106a2
Don’t lose the forest for the trees.

54) Tipping For Everything
How small payments can make the world run smoother.

56) Assumptions and Arguments for 1mb Blocksize
Thoughts on the block size limit.

58) Cryptocurrency Calendar Idea–2d855039e06e

59) A Store of Value is Relative
Thoughts on the BTC is a store of value arguement.

61) For Cryptocurrency Marketing is Overrated and Underrated–a154a18cec0c

65) Which is Bitcoin?
What is the true bitcoin.

67) The Nights Watch | Trusting a Network with Fewer Nodes
Solution to the risks that come from node centralization.


2) Freelancing and Immigration
How the future of work is making borders irrelevent.

40) Uber Heroes
Uber drivers are heros.

44) A Generation Without Borders
The internet is disolving the borders between nations.

Personal Development

7) Human Being Owners Manual
Books that have changed my life.

8) Travel and Learning What You Like
How travel helps you learn what you like.

9) Becoming Who You’re Meant To Be
Self-improvement means leaving part of your old self behind.

16) Old Rules vs. New Rules
What different generations are optimizing for.

18) Making Good Decisions
Not being afraid to make a choice.

19) Gaining Perspective
You have the power to change how you interpret a situation.

22) Empathy as a Superpower
People misunderstand the value of empathy.

30) Patience + Persistence
The two keys to success.

34) Taking Education for Granted
It’s easy to overlook what you are learning.

38) Three Morning Actions to Make Your Day More Productive

39) The Labour (or Wordcount) Theory of Blogging
More words does not equal a better post.

43) How to Learn What You’ve Learned

46) Being Remembered Isn’t Worth It
Live your life for enjoyment, not for history.

50) Gap and Gain
Look at how far you’ve made it, not how far you have to go.

62) My Four Favorite Motivational Videos

66) Easy Money is Never Easy
The desire for results without work will leave you with poor results.


4) Trump and Scapegoats
Rene Girad’s idea applied to how people view Trump.

63) Free Likes vs. Paid Votes–paid-votes–3e607b15a3b5
How paying to vote on posts changes a social network.

55) Four Use Cases

57) Three Unrelated Predictions for 2018–61ce2682ea68


5) So Far This Year Update | Travel, Podcasts, Writing, Reading
A scan through the first quarter of 2017.

11) Introducing: Game of Thrones Philosophy Breakdown
I started a new podcast this year with my good friend James Walpole!

17) One Month in Mexico City
Initial thoughts on our base for the next 6 months.

21) My Two Best Purchases This Year
A laptop stand and an app.

31) 177 Episodes
We’ve podcasted A LOT since 2014.

51) 12 Days of
Recap of my 12 day experiment blogging on

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