Easy Money is Never Easy

People are lazy. This isn’t a bad thing. We just naturally prefer to do things that give us the results we want with the least amount of effort. As a result of our natural desire for less work, the popularity of “passive income” makes complete sense.

It is alluring to think of making lots of money with very little work. But to get to the point of creating lots of value with little ongoing effort, you have to be willing to work hard.

If you are afraid of hard work, you will never pursue the ideas that will allow you to create value as efficiently as possible. You end up creating a course that no one needs or a community that people don’t actually value. You end up chasing shallow ideas that don’t help you grow or create value.

To achieve results that make our lazy selves happy we need to be willing to bust our asses at work.

Hard Work Pays

It is easy to be deceived by the appearance of easy money, but the people who appear to making lots of money with little effort are almost always:

  1. Doing hard work behind the scenes that you don’t see.
  2. Reaping the rewards of very hard work in the past that is paying off now.

Easy money is never actually easy. If it looks easy, it’s because you aren’t seeing the whole picture.

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