Uber Heroes

The city we’re visiting this weekend has banned Uber. Regardless,  there are still drivers here going out, evading bandits to serve la gente.

In order to provide affordable and safe rides, they risk a 36,000 peso fine and having their cars impounded for 3 months. Most nights the police set up “DUI” checkpoints as a guise to try and find and stop Uber drivers.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a unique situation. In many cities around the world, these heroic value creators are related to the roles of renegades.

Like in Bali, where a driver there last year told us they had been attacked by taxi drivers who damaged a temporarily stole his van.

All around the world, there are normal people creating value for their communities driving for Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing services. They do it to make money for themselves and their families, but as result they are heroes for their communities, helping people get where they need to go in the face of the uniformed bandits and villains.

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