Creating and Networking

Today I had the opportunity to interview someone for our podcast and to be interviewed on another podcast.

Earlier in the week, Amanda and I went out for dinner with to people who listen to our show.

Last weekend we went and visited friends who found us through our podcast.

When we were started a podcast I was excited by the idea of meeting well known people who we might be able to interview. And we have been able to do some cool interviews like that, but a massive amount of valuable connections have come from people listening to the content we have created.

That is something I overlooked when I started. It doesn’t happen over night, but when you are consistently creating content about your interests and putting it out into the world you will attract people who share those interests.

Lots of people want to meet people who share they same interests, so they go to meet ups and networking events and try really hard to make connections. Usually they end up frustrated. Instead of that approach you can simply focus on learning and creating around things you care about and let the networking take care of itself.

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