One Task at a Time

When you start your day and know that you have to finish tasks a, b, c, d, and e your mind will naturally be bouncing back and forth thinking about your various priorities. Especially if all the tasks are equally important and you are not sure where to get started.

The way to get a lot of stuff done is to focus on one individual task at a time, but focusing on one task at a time isn’t as simple as just deciding to focus on it. You need to know that your tracking of tasks is taken care of. Whether it is an app like ToDoist or a simple piece of paper, you need a way to offload the tracking of your activities from your mind so you can focus on getting the activities done.

When you’re especially busy and have lots of urgent tasks, it makes sense to want to dive straight in. The sense of emergency might help you get one thing done in the short-term, but if you need to have a fully productive day it is better to step back, make sure you’ve got all your priorities tracked, and then start the first one. Once you have noted all your tasks and gotten rid of the sense of panic and scatterbrain you will be able to get the task done efficiently and effectively.

To get a lot done you need to be present with one task at a time. To be present with one task, you need to be aware of the tasks you need to get done and have them outsourced, so they are not on your mind.

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