Work Like a Hero

Over the past three months, I’ve written a few times about this topic, but that is for a reason. It is something that most people don’t understand, and those that do understand undervalue.

That is the importance of courage in work.

You do your best work when you are living outside of your comfort zone. When you are reaching, when you are learning, growing, and developing.

But living outside of your comfort zone is necessarily uncomfortable.

There is a part of us that is hard-wired to seek comfort. To seek the known over the unknown. And that voice will lead us away from the challenges of our day and back into our comfortable beds with the desire to press the snooze button.

To continue on the path to fulfillment and value creation, you need to learn to be consistently courageous. To prioritize fulfilling your responsibilities and doing what is right over doing what is comfortable or easy.

Of course, you will fail now and again. You will retreat into easy instead of right. You will enjoy the comfort of your warm bed instead of getting up and getting to work. But what will make you great in the long run is the commitment to getting back up and trying the next day again.

The journey to success is less about slowing moving forward and more about putting yourself in a situation that helps you grow and and simply hanging on and never giving up despite the pain and discomfort.

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