Work Like You’re Playing a Game

If you have a lot on your plate, it is natural to sometimes wake up frustrated that you didn’t get more done the day before. Or to to feel afriad of all the stuff you need to do during the day in front of you.

When you feel this pressure in the present, it makes you wish you could change the past. It can lead to regret and unproductive ruminating. But the past is fixed and other than pulling lessons from it, there is no point dwelling on things you can no longer change.

I know that, but when I tell it to myself it often doesn’t help me move forward.

Instead of telling myself, “I can’t change the past,” I find the best way to quickly accept reality and get to work is to imagine that I am in a video game and that today was the scenario that was created for me. Instead of feeling burdened by what didn’t get done yesterday, I feel light and excited by the challenge of working with the odds against me.

Of course I realize that yesterday was in my control. If something didn’t go well, I pull the lessons from that. But one of the fastest ways to move on, is to zoom way out, imagine that this is all new and let go of any baggage I have about the past by imagining it a scenario in a game created to test me and help me grow.

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