The Most Important Moment of the Day

The moment when you sit down to work is the most important moment of the day.

If you choose to get right to your most important tasks, you start building momentum and set yourself up for success.

If you choose to check Facebook or Twitter or take some other action you don’t feel proud of, you will feel guilt, and take a hit to your productivity that is almost impossible to recover from. The small amount of pleasure you gained at the moment from engaging in entertainment, will be overwhelmed by bad feelings as you postpone your responsibilities.

So tomorrow when you go to work, remember how crucial the first moments of your work day are. If you are tempted by distraction as the day begins, you don’t have to be tyrannical with yourself. You can still check your social media, but commit to completing a task first. Commit to 15 minutes of getting off on the right foot and you will be amazed by the impact it has on your day.

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