Integrity and Happiness

Most of the dissatisfaction people experience with life has nothing to do with their environments. It isn’t the job they have, the fact that they have to go into an office every day, or the people they interact with on a daily basis. It is simply that they aren’t living with integrity.

Whether it is failing to follow through on commitments or taking actions that aren’t in line with your morals, living outside of integrity feels terrible. It sends your mind searching for excuses and escape routes.

The simple path to satisfaction is not to search for the perfect remote job or a swell dropshipping side gig; it is to do whatever it is you are doing well. To follow through on commitments, to choose right over easy, to live with integrity.

No matter what you are doing, if you do it with integrity, you will remove almostĀ all of your dissatisfaction and free yourself up to move towards new opportunities instead of running away from old ones.

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