Leadership and Management

I’ve always felt perplexed by people who want to create careers in “leadership” or “management.”

I’ve never wanted to be a leader or a manager. I know that to achieve some of my goals I will have to lead others, and it is not something I’m afraid of, but it is very clearly a means to an end, not an end in itself.

But there is a whole segment of people who are desperate to become leaders. They go to leadership development seminars, and they apply for management training jobs, even though they have no personal goals other than to be in control of others.

More than just being weird, I think there is a disturbing and dark side to “I want to be a leader” or “I think I thrive in management.”

A good leader is one who wants to achieve their goals and sees you as a valuable contributor to achieving that outcome.

A leader who takes pleasure in leading regardless of the end outcome is one you should avoid.  They aren’t seeking fulfillment by achieving a valuable goal; they are seeking power by exercising control over their employees, students, or peers. They are like a human cattle herder, waiting to lead you to spiritual slaughter.

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