• Patience + Persistence

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    Getting what you want is much simpler than you imagine. You don’t need to find a magic hack. You don’t need to stress day in and day out. You just to need start doing something today that will lead you in the direction of your goals and stick with it for as long as it… Read More

  • The Beautiful Chaos of Cryptocurrency

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    I fell in love with the idea of cryptocurrency because of the power of stateless money.  The idea that you could create a currency, a currency, that anyone in the world could use, trade, and store easily was intoxicating. That you could allow the unbanked to be banked and allow money to be sent from… Read More

  • Perspective and Digital Work

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    When you are building a wall it is very easy to see your progress on any given day. As soon as you step away you can see exactly how much new wall you’ve put up. You know how successful each day has been. But the end of the day is different when you are doing Knowledge… Read More

  • Commerce Brings Light to the Darkest Places (Wonder Woman) 

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    Last night I watched Wonder Woman for the first time. It is a great movie–probably my favorite superhero movie since the Dark Knight–and a true hero’s tale that is refreshing among the sea of dark and turbulent hero’s that have lead movies over the past decade. There are lots of great insights you can pull… Read More

  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz | Notes & Quotes

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    The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz documents Ben’s career and focuses on building Loudcloud (and transforming it into Opsware). It is an excellent book for anyone who works in a growing company, both for the lessons you can pick up and also for the simple relief it provides in experiencing second hand… Read More

  • Great Work Requires Courage

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    A massively underestimated part of personal and professional growth is simply showing up and doing things that make you uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable in a “selling babies on the internet” kind of way, but uncomfortable in that it doesn’t feel good because you’re out of your comfort zone. As humans, we have a strong pull towards… Read More

  • Rationalize vs. Actualize

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    Every day we are faced with small yet important decisions. These small points are opportunities to live up to our ideals or to hide and do what is easy. How we respond to those situations will determine how we respond when we are faced with large problems and they will determine the person we become in… Read More

  • How to Get a Remote Job

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    A lot of people view employment relationships as a fixed unchangeable state instead of a dynamic two-way relationship. As a result, they fixate on job descriptions and fit before taking on a role and discount their ability to adapt to any role, once they’ve started. A prevalent example of this comes from the desire for… Read More

  • Empathy as a Superpower

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    People give a lot of credit to others for the ability to emphasize. But when they talk about empathy, they usually refer to the ability to feel sadness along with others. The ability to feel sad because someone you know feels sad. This form of empathy is oversized and overvalued. The truly valuable aspect of… Read More