• The “I Deserve a Raise” Mentality

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    There are a lot of people out there that feel they deserve a raise but aren’t getting raises. They have the “I deserve a raise” mentality. On the surface, their argument is about value creation, but deeper down it is actually about responsibility and resentment. It is about choices they are making but trying to avoid responsibility… Read More

  • Do the Work by Steven Pressfield | Notes & Quotes

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    Do the Work is a short follow up to The War of Art and Turning Pro. I read it this month as fuel to fight against resistance. The key ideas are the same, but the stories and framing are different enough to make the book a fresh motivator for getting up and going to battle… Read More

  • Nuance in Language

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    One of the small things that I like about Spanish is the nuance you have when making apologies. At home in Canada, people say sorry for everything. Bump into someone; sorry. Need to squeeze around someone; sorry. Someone’s dog died; sorry. You failed to do something you said you would do; sorry. In the US,… Read More

  • Good People Effect Interview

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    Amanda and I were recently interviewed for an episode of the Good People Effect podcast. We had a fun conversation covering everything from travel tips to creating meaning in your life. Check it out on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/the-good-people-effect/id1264559775&ls=1

  • Finding Your Dream Job

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    My daily blog post for today is up on the Praxis blog. In it I talk about what it actually takes to “find” your dream job. You won’t find your dream job on Indeed.com or any other job board. You won’t find a job description that ticks all the boxes you are interested in. If… Read More

  • Winning Your Championship

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    A great interview came out this weekend with Shaq interviewing Kobe Bryant. They talk about their time together and the disagreements they had along the way. It is a fascinating look into their relationship and how they think about their craft. Something they both share in common is a fierce competitive drive. They both were… Read More

  • Sacrifice Is Required For Success

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    You have to sacrifice to get what you want in life. Most of us aren’t willing to pay the price required to get what we want though. We want rewards without work. We wish for easy results because sacrifice is hard. It is hard to get out of bed in the morning and get to work,… Read More

  • You Can’t Sit and Wait For a Good Idea

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    When you need an idea, you can’t sit around and wait for it to show up.Good ideas don’t come when you want them to. Good ideas come when you are actively engaging with all sorts of ideas, good and bad. When I am pressed and struggling to come up with something for my daily blog… Read More

  • The Power of the Individual

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    I’m rereading Game of Thrones right now and one thing that sticks out is the subservience of individuals to the family. All throughout the stories, characters put the interests of their families about their own interests as individuals. Whether it is going to war, getting married, or giving away children so many individuals suffer for… Read More