• Even If You Love Btc, Bitcoin Cash Is Better Than the Lightning Network

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    This great tweet by Mortuus Bestia, got me to thinking about the value of the lightning network vs. simply using another coin. If you need to pay to open a “payment channel”, it would be just as easy to sell that amount for BCH, effectively opening a “payment channel” where you actually control your money,… Read More

  • Three Lessons from Bookkeeping

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    After working in our family winery as a teen and during college, I set out to find a “real” job at 21. I remember how afraid I was that I wouldn’t be able to get a good job after college because I didn’t have any non-family work references. At the time I didn’t value understand the… Read More

  • Three Lessons from Labeling Wine

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    Growing up I worked in vineyards during the summer and part-time labeling wine in the winter. Labeling was a two-man job, so my friend Pat and I worked as a labeling team. It’s not a glamorous or particularly exciting job, but the rhythm of it and somewhat mechanical nature made it enjoyable and easy to… Read More

  • Momentum, Perspective, and Winning the Day

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    Momentum matters at work. Completing small tasks help you gain confidence and do better in the future. This is true in an individual day and on a day by day or week by week level. On a longer time period, you are doing a lot of work and forgetting most of it. As a result, your… Read More

  • Nostradamus’ Law

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    The benifit of making a correct public prediction vastly outweighs the consequences of making an incorrect prediction. In normal day to day life, if you make predictions to your friends and they come up wrong consistently, people will remember and they will care less about your opinion. You pay a social price for being wrong.… Read More

  • Non-Verbal Communication

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    It is certainly possible to communicate without words. Body language, eye contact, or even tone of voice all communicate a lot more than the things that are being said. Learning how to pick up on non-verbal cues is very valuable for getting along with people and getting what you want in day to day life.… Read More

  • Tinder For Restaurants

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    Amanda and I have a couple friends visiting us in Mexico City this weekend. One of them is single and was user Tinder and it made me think of how Tinder is a very elegant (and human-focused) solution to a matching problem. It allows for very simple and quick decision making. You can scan through… Read More

  • Three Lessons From Working in a Vineyard

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    Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked at a winery, a construction company, a cafe, restaurants, a non-profit, for myself, and now at a start-up in a whole boatload of roles. This is the start of a series of blog posts on the lessons that I’ve learned at all those jobs. Vineyard Labourer Growing up, I worked… Read More

  • Creating Better Experiences

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    No matter what you do for work, delivering a high quality experience to your customer is part of your job. This isn’t a new idea, it has been talked about a lot by a lot of people, but it is easy to forget because you need to focus on the end result you are delivering.  But… Read More