• Yours.org Day 3: Tipping for Everything

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    In the third day of my twelve-day challenge of posting on yours.org I wrote about how being able to give small tips to anyone can reshape our world. Check it out! https://www.yours.org/content/tipping-for-everything-1b3e4f60cb63

  • Learning To Work and The Great Divorce (Day Two Yours.org)

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    This is the second of 12 days I’m posting my daily blogs on Yours.org 17 years of school trains you for a world that doesn’t exist. Throughout school and college, you are in a finite work environment. An arbitrary world with a constrained workload. If you have too much to do, the school has overworked… Read More

  • New Blog Post On Yours.org

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    Over the next twelve days, I’m going to be posting my blog posts on yours.org. Yours is bringing a market to blogging. It is fascinating to play with and I strongly suggest you check it out. Right now, the prices of cryptocurrencies are very dependent on belief and speculation. People are investing in coins without understanding… Read More

  • Gap and Gain

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    Dan Sullivan’s Multiplier Mindset podcast has been one of the most valuable assets for me this year. I’ve written a few times about his 4 steps to a breakthrough idea (here and here), which has probably been the most impactful idea I’ve picked up. But right behind that is the concept of the gap and… Read More

  • Technical “Analysis”

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    In the past, a lot of the content around Crypto was focused on philosophy, economics, politics, technology, but more recently as the prices climb there are more finance types dominating crypto content. If you go on Youtube today and search bitcoin, most of the top videos are what you could call technical analysis. You could… Read More

  • You Don’t Like Your Job Because You Suck at Your Job

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    The working for the weekend, Mondays suck, I just want to win the lottery attitude, does not come from the external environment in which people work, but from the lack of self-esteem that people derive from their work. They complain about their manager, their coworkers, their company, and all the external issues that make them… Read More

  • Why Businesses Hire

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    A business will hire anyone they believe will make them more money than they cost. It is as simple as that, but most people think about employment and jobs in a complex and abstract way. People talk and think about jobs like they are things. Like you can possess one, lose one, or like you… Read More

  • Being Remembered Isn’t Worth It

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    Society admires dead heroes. Great statues, famous painting, modern books, and federal holidays pay homage to great figures from the past. These historical heroes are held in high esteem, so people today admire and sometimes envy their position. People alive today decide that they too want to be remembered by history. This urge to be… Read More

  • Forged Not Built

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    The most valuable skills and capabilities are not built in advance, they are forged through experience. We like to think that we can build new capabilities before we are actually challenged to put them into action. This the big theory behind the school system. It will help you build skills that will make you’re ready… Read More