• Exercise Your Desires

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    There are some things in life that we are called to do. A special set of desires that we can’t get out of our minds year after year with a mysterious appeal for reasons that we struggle to wrap our heads around. Whether it is writing a book, riding a bike across the country, starting… Read More

  • The Career of Fear

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    There is a movie called Company Man that stars Ben Affleck. It is the story of Ben’s character coming to terms with being fired from the company that he has worked for his entire life. After getting fired, Ben’s character struggles mightily to find new work. In his past job, he became highly specialized for the… Read More

  • No One Gets Pigeonholed

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    Lots of people are afraid of taking imperfect opportunities because they might get pigeonholed. They worry that if they start in a position different than their ideal they will get stuck there and have to spend years doing something they don’t want to do. This fear is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of work. It takes… Read More

  • Just Make Yourself Useful

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    Young people base their ambitions on the world they see around them—a very small sample of the total options. When it comes to careers, that means picking something they’ve seen their parents or relatives do, something they’ve seen their teachers do, something popular, or something they’ve seen on the internet. Because most young people are… Read More

  • Asking For What You Want

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    There is a great clip on YouTube from the UFC’s series, Dana White Looking for a Fight of current UFC fighter Mickey Gall calling out CM Punk. The show is Dana and Matt Serra traveling the US, visiting smaller promotions and scouting up and coming MMA fighters. Mickey Gall got his start on an episode showcasing… Read More

  • College As a Coming of Age Ritual

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    I’ve been reading Myths To Live By by Joseph Campbell recently and this section about coming of age rituals stuck out to me today: “Accordingly, one of the first functions of the puberty rites of primitive societies, and indeed of education everywhere, has been always that of switching the response systems of adolescents from dependency… Read More

  • Travel And Entrepreneurship Interviews

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    Over the past month we have been interviewing entrepreneurs in the travel space on The World Wanderers. It has been fun connecting with others who have connected with and enjoyed the self-direction of travel and followed that feeling into entrepreneurship. There will be more entrepreneurial focused episodes in the next few months, but for now… Read More

  • Giving Children Freedom

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    Most of the harmful and negative consequences people associate with giving children freedom are actually the result of poorly applied authoritarianism. People see belligerent, rebellious children and conclude that it is a result of parents giving children too much freedom. As if respecting a child as an individual is destined to lead to chaos. What they… Read More

  • The Future of Office Buildings

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    Over the past half-century, we transitioned from a manufacturing-focused economy to information or intellectually focused economy. Ideas and the ability to create with your mind are now crucial to success for individuals and firms. Until recently, this change hasn’t been recognized in workspaces. Companies built cubicle farms as the intellectual work equivalent of a manufacturing… Read More