• My Two Best Purchases This Year

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    Sometimes small purchases can make a massive difference in your day to day life. Things that you buy for less than you spend on eating out each week, but so seamlessly fit into your life that it makes you wonder how you ever lived day to day before. I’ve made two of these purchases recently. Roost… Read More

  • Making Shitloads of Money

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    Never before have individuals and teams had the power to create so much value in short periods of time. A beautiful example of this is early adaptors of Ethereum. Two years ago today, Ether (the Ethereum token) was $0.90/Ether today. It is $325/Ether today. If you bought $1000, you would have profited more than $350,000 in two… Read More

  • Gaining Perspective

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    It’s easy to get frustrated when a situation doesn’t go your way. Whether it is a lead that doesn’t buy your product or a client that is doing something unexpected, the natural reaction is to feel frustrated. From your perspective, you can see a better way. Events could have gone differently and a whole lot smoother. But… Read More

  • Making Good Decisions

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    Most people approach most decisions as win-lose situations. Win if you pick the best option and lose if you don’t. It’s as if every decision they make is a carnival game with cosmic consequences. The reality is that our lives are full of good options and as long as we decide and keep moving forward… Read More

  • One Month in Mexico City

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    There are more than 20 million people living in and around Mexico City. So outside of Tokyo and Shanghai, it is the biggest city I’ve ever been to. But even with its massive size, it is easy to forget that you are in a mega-city. In most neighborhoods, the buildings are smaller and more of… Read More

  • Old Rules vs. New Rules

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    We are at the intersection between two aims for life. Two different goals that people build their lives towards. The old way approach to a life’s work and career was optimizing for survival. The new approach is optimizing for meaning (fulfillment, happiness, purpose). Driving the change is technological advances that make a good life less and… Read More

  • Self-Motivation and Commitment

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    When we decide that we want to make a change in our lives–exercise, a side hustle, improving at work–we assume that we need to get motivated to make it happen. We take on the idea that we need to motivate ourselves continually to do whatever it is we want to do. This is why it… Read More

  • Commitment is Key

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    It’s cliche to say that there is no secret to success. People write and talk about it all the time. Eyes glaze over reading it. But it is cliche for a reason. It is a simple but incredibly powerful insight that most people don’t grasp on some level. When you do understand it though, the way… Read More

  • The Fish That Ate the Whale | Notes & Quotes

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    “Sam’s defining characteristic was his belief in his own agency, his refusal to despair. No story is without the possibility of redemption; with cleverness and hustle, the worst can be overcome. I can’t help but feel, after all the talk of America’s decline, that we would do well by emulating Sam Zemurray—not the brutality or… Read More