• One Day at a Time

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    New Years is a time when people are thinking about making big changes. Most people fixate on long-term results and the outcomes they want in the distant future. A distant goal can be a good motivator, but for me what has worked best is to focus on consistent daily action in the direction of my… Read More

  • All My Blog Posts From 2017

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    I wrote 67 blog posts in 2017. They cover lot’s of different topics, but the two main areas of focus are work and cryptocurrency. Here they all sorted by topic. Books, Movies, Podcasts 1) Men of Opinion vs. Men of Action http://ryanaferguson.com/2017/01/men-opinion-vs-men-action/ The types of people who care about what others think, instead of focusing… Read More

  • Making Ideas vs. Making Ideas Good

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    A lot people approach blogging as an all at once process–like they have to think up the idea, write it out, edit it, and publish it in one sitting–but I have found that there are two distinct activities to blogging. The first stage is coming up with ideas. I have specific states of mind where I… Read More

  • The Nights Watch | Trusting a Network with Fewer Nodes

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    In most debates about BCH vs. BTC, the concern expressed about BCH and increased block sizes is that it will make running a node very expensive. Critics point to the number of transactions that Visa processes and say that would require ~8GB blocks. In this utopian scenario—utopian because BCH would be processing Visa level transaction #’s—the… Read More

  • Easy Money is Never Easy

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    People are lazy. This isn’t a bad thing. We just naturally prefer to do things that give us the results we want with the least amount of effort. As a result of our natural desire for less work, the popularity of “passive income” makes complete sense. It is alluring to think of making lots of… Read More

  • Which is Bitcoin?

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    Part of the debate between bitcoin and bitcoin cash (BCH) is a debate about the name. Many in the anti-BCH camp claim that BCH is a scam because it uses bitcoin in the name. They call it BCash to deride it. But there is a very strong case that bitcoin cash is actually more bitcoin… Read More

  • Build Your Own McDonald’s

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    I watched The Founder for the first time last night. It is the story of how Ray Kroc built McDonald’s from one restaurant owned by the McDonald brothers into an international powerhouse. Like Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, Ray is made out to be a bit of a villain in the movie. A lot… Read More

  • 12 Days of Yours.org

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    Leading up to Christmas we had a challenge in the Praxis community to blog for 12 days straight. I had been blogging daily for just over a month already, so I made my personal challenge to blog on Yours.org. Yours is a social network that uses bitcoin cash to monetize every action and allow creators to earn… Read More

  • Creating a New Standard

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    When you start something new, you have a grace period where what you are doing is compared to an inferior alternative. Take Uber for example. I am old enough that I was able to experience years of horror relying on taxis to get around. I can recall the sketchy and unfriendly drivers, outrageous prices, long… Read More