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Masters of Scale Notes: Episodes 1-4

I recently started listening to the first season of Masters of Scale, Reid Hoffman’s show where he interviews founders and CEO’s from a number of different industries, including Brian Chesky (Airbnb), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Eric Schmidt (Google).

Reid builds each episode around a theory, and the well-produced episodes usually feature more than just one guest to build the argument and counter-argument to that theory.

You can also check out the full unedited interviews on the podcast feed, and there is a ton of value in those episodes. I really like the approach of building a shorter edited episode around a theme, while also putting out the raw interviews so you can dive deeper. The full interview with Brian Chesky is especially good.

Here are my notes on the first four episodes:

Introducing: Game of Thrones Philosophy Breakdown

I’m excited to release the first season of the Game of Thrones Philosophy Breakdown!

Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows, so with the seventh season approaching, I decided I wanted to do something extra.

There are a million Game of Thrones recap podcasts and YouTube channels, but none focused on talking through the philosophy and ethical dilemmas that come up in the show. So I reached out to my good friend James Walpole and asked if he was up to do a weekly podcast breaking down each episode.

Each Monday during the summer we linked up and talked out some of the most interesting moments and ethical dilemmas that come up in the show.

From revenge to the Red God we hit on a TON of different questions. Some a lot more uncomfortable than others.

Now they are all online and available for your listening pleasure!

My 5 Favorite Episodes of The World Wanderers


Today we released the one hundred and eleventh episode of The World Wanderers. So many of the conversations that we’ve had stick out, but here are my five favorite episodes in no specific order.

  • A Weekend in NYC – After experimenting with some different styles of episodes our New York episode is the foundation for a new format of episode where we take the audience along on a trip to a new city.
  • Idahosa Ness on Language Learning – After using The Mimic Method we were both excited to hear more about the founding of the company and what life is like for Idahosa as he travels the world and runs a growing business.
  • Ash Ambrige on Building a Business Abroad – Ash started her blog and business, The Middle Finger Project, from Satiago Chile. Since then she has grown created an amazing business and a ton of great content. More than that though, Ash is just a blast to talk to.
  • Driving From London to Mongolia – Our friend Felix participated in the 2015 Mongol Rally. The stories he has from driving a Ford Fiesta to Mongolia are spectacular.
  • Bye Vacationing, Hello Micro-Backpacking – The biggest reason I enjoy podcasting is just being able to sit down and have great conversations about interesting ideas. The idea behind this episoed is that in our day to day lives we can feel run down and think we need to relax with a vacation. Maybe what we are craving isn’t vacation, but instead adventure.


Discussing “Against the Cult of Travel”

The Cult of Travel

Our episode at The World Wanderers this week is a discussion about this article, Against the Cult of Travel, by Kate and Brett McKay. We read a few key excerpts and share our thoughts on the arguments presented.

For an article that is against travel as anything more than a hobby, we agree with a lot of the points that they are making. Simply taking a trip does not make you more virtuous, it is not a requirement to a satisfying life, and it will not be the magic cure to your problems.

But does anyone actually think that travel does those things?

The 6 Habits of Successful Podcasts

In August of 2014, my girlfriend and I decided to start a travel podcast.

We found some guides online, bought microphones, created a logo and were off.

21 months later our show has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and is currently in the top 50 places and travel podcasts on iTunes.

There are a few key habits that allowed us to achieve success with a podcast. They are simple habits that all successful podcasts will follow.

# 1 – Create Content Consistently

The key to success is don’t stop. So don’t stop, at least not for a while. Commit to publishing an episode every week for 8 weeks, or 10 weeks, or every week for the next astrological age. Commitment is by far the most important part. Starting something new is hard. You won’t be good at it. It will feel like a lot of work, and not many people will be listening.

The early work lays the foundation for the future.  Everything that is popular started out with very few fans.

Only a few people listened to our podcast when we were starting out. We just kept working at it and creating new episodes and eventually more people came.  And then more people came. And then more people came. If we quit after 6 months we would have never seen the second half of this graph.

6 Habits of Successful Podcasters

# 2 – Always Be Experimenting

When we started our plan was to do an episode about every place we’d been. In chronological order. That lasted for a little while; then we tried topic based episodes. We had more fun recording those, so we made more episodes like that. Then we tried interviewing people. It was fun, so we did more of it. Now we’re trying to record audio stories of places we visit. Our audience likes it, so we are going to do it more.

You can start podcasting without knowing what your podcast is about. You can change direction after 5 episodes, 20 episodes, or even 100 episodes. Don’t be afraid to learn as you go.

# 3 – Listen to Every Episode

It can be uncomfortable to hear yourself talk. It’s easy to say, “I did the interview, I don’t need to listen to it again.” But if you aren’t getting the feedback of listening to every episode you create, you won’t improve as fast as you could.

Listen to every episode. Note what you do and don’t like. Adjust for future episodes. You will get better quickly and the improved podcasting skills will spill over into your conversations and day to day interactions.

# 4 – Use Your Content More Than Once

Don’t get lost in your medium. Podcasting is about communicating ideas to an audience. There are other ways to communicate. Take your podcast episodes and turn them into blog posts. Take your interviews and turn them into youtube videos. Take your blog posts and turn them into podcasts. Making wide use of the content you create is makes that content more valuable and allows you to find new people who like your ideas.

# 5 – Connect with Your Audience

If you are consistent about creating content you will find an audience. These are your people. Engage them. Reply to their messages. Find out what they like about your show. Get their recommendations for future shows. Podcasting is an awesome way to improve your network. Not just by meeting people when you interview them, but by meeting cool people who like the podcast you are creating!

# 6 – Remember Why You’re Podcasting (Remember that you really can’t fail)

The first five habits are about building then nurturing an audience. But you don’t need an audience to be successful at podcasting.

Your podcast can be successful without ever making a cent because podcasting is so valuable in many other ways.

Just by going through the process of creating 15 episodes of interviews with interesting people you will have learned a lot and made yourself more valuable. You’ll be better at conversations, public speaking, and will meet some cool people.

Podcasting is like a cheat code on education and networking. You can buy a microphone, throw together a logo, submit a feed to iTunes, and start having in-depth conversations with all sorts of experts about any topic you want!

It sounds fluffy, but there really is no failing when it comes to starting a podcast.