I am not a one trick pony. I’ve got at least three.

The World Wanderers Podcast

My girlfriend, Amanda Kingsmith and I host The World Wanderers Podcast. We podcast weekly about destinations around the world, places we’ve loved, sometimes hated, or are dying to go. We interview amazing people like the author Gabriel Wyner on language hacking, Alex Kraus on biking from Patagonia to Canada, Hunter Stanford on working remotely from all over the world, and so many more!

You can also find travel specific blog posts from Amanda and I on our World Wanderers Blog


PraxisSince summer 2016 I have been a participant advisor for Praxis.

I work with Praxis participants to help them achieve their goals during the 3-month entrepreneurial skills boot camp and six-month apprenticeship.


Yoga for Men

Yoga for Men

I am a co-creator of the Yoga for Men course. If you’re an inflexible guy interested in yoga, but nervous about going into a studio, this course will take you from complete beginner to comfortable in 90% of yoga classes.