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Getting Some Social Proof: My November Personal Development Project

Personal Development

This month, as part of the Praxis program, I have a created a personal development project for myself around improving my skills as a writer.

I know, if you read my blog, you probably think it’s about time I learned how to create a paragraph. And I probably do need to learn more about not starting sentences with conjunctions. So in one month you will see a drastic improvement. Oh, the places we will go.

So enough of the jibber jabber, and onwards to the point of this blog post.

What exactly is my project for the month?

I will be writing:

  • One 800 word blog post and submitting it to
  • One longer form article and submitting it to
  • One blog post promoting FEE seminars for a third party site (yet to be named)
  • Two Sales emails

I will also be reading two short ebooks on copywriting from

So there you have it. If I will be posting my results on December 7th. If I don’t complete everything that I said I would, please send me an angry Christmas card.