My 5 Favorite Episodes of The World Wanderers


Today we released the one hundred and eleventh episode of The World Wanderers. So many of the conversations that we’ve had stick out, but here are my five favorite episodes in no specific order.

  • A Weekend in NYC – After experimenting with some different styles of episodes our New York episode is the foundation for a new format of episode where we take the audience along on a trip to a new city.
  • Idahosa Ness on Language Learning – After using The Mimic Method we were both excited to hear more about the founding of the company and what life is like for Idahosa as he travels the world and runs a growing business.
  • Ash Ambrige on Building a Business Abroad – Ash started her blog and business, The Middle Finger Project, from Satiago Chile. Since then she has grown created an amazing business and a ton of great content. More than that though, Ash is just a blast to talk to.
  • Driving From London to Mongolia – Our friend Felix participated in the 2015 Mongol Rally. The stories he has from driving a Ford Fiesta to Mongolia are spectacular.
  • Bye Vacationing, Hello Micro-Backpacking – The biggest reason I enjoy podcasting is just being able to sit down and have great conversations about interesting ideas. The idea behind this episoed is that in our day to day lives we can feel run down and think we need to relax with a vacation. Maybe what we are craving isn’t vacation, but instead adventure.


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