Go a Little Further

Two days ago I took friends to see Lake Louise. It is a spectacular glacial lake and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Canada.

When you arrive at the lake, you get the feeling you are walking into a concert. A large crowd surrounds the parking lot end of the lake, posing for selfies and other photos with the beautiful mountains and lake behind them.

You could be forgiven for feeling a little frustrated with the crowd. It would be great to have more space to appreciate the amazing view.

Luckily there is a trail that leads around the lake. If you start walking on it, within a few minutes, the crowd is completely gone. There are still people, but 80% of the crowd sits at the parking lot end. Fighting with each other for space to get a good shot.

Twenty minutes of walking leads you to points with amazing unobstructed views where you don’t have to compete with anyone.

It takes a lot less effort than you think to separate yourself from the crowd.

The same applies to work.

Most people just do enough to get by. They learn the skills required to do their job and avoid being fired and then stay at that level. They stop progressing; they stop looking for opportunities to separate themselves from the sea of other people just doing enough.

They rationalize not doing more.

They’re not paid enough. They don’t get enough respect from their boss. It would take to much effort.

They don’t realize how easy it is. Most people just do enough to get by. When you do 10% more, you stand out.

How can you do 10% more today?

Can you share your knowledge with a coworker? Can you automate something? Can you finish a project before you leave the office that has been lingering for a while? Can you just clean you coffee mug instead of leaving it in the sink.

It’s easier than you can imagine to separate¬†yourself.

Instead of complaining how crowded and hard it is to stand out, walk a little further, you can’t imagine the views you’ll see.

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