Becoming Who You’re Meant To Be

Growing up means letting go a part of who you are.

To pursue your possibilities, you have to give up options. To become great at one thing means sacrificing –for a time– the other options you could have pursued.

To take the next step towards who you want to become means leaving part of who you are behind on your current step.

You must leave behind immaturity. You must leave behind time wasting. You must leave behind self-destructive behavior. You must leave behind interests that distract you from your ultimate goal.

Rising to a great challenge and growing in the face of it requires embracing self-transformation. Accepting that the challenge will change you, will force you to grow stronger, and more resilient. But it’s not easy to accept the change. Most people choose not to.

But it’s not easy to accept the change. Most people choose not to.

Most people prefer to stay comfortable where they are. They resist change and instead watch TV, drink with their friends, and hide in the day to day normalcy of a life they already know.

They choose a mediocre state they know because it is normal. But they don’t do it consciously. They let their unconscious urge to feel the way they’ve always felt pull them back to where they’ve always been.

Even if we want to accept the challenge, we still have the unconscious urge to normalcy. The pull to watch our favorite TV shows, to stay in bed when we should be getting up, to stay out late with friends instead of going home to rest.┬áPart of us wants to feel the way we’ve always felt.

To embrace self-transformation we have to courageously sit with new feelings. We have to be okay with fear, loss, sadness, disappointment. We have to act despite the emotional urge to run. We have to do what is right in the long-term not what is easy or feels good in the moment.

We have to become courageous hero’s in our own lives and recognize that the parts of us that hold us back from this change are not parts that would make us happy in the long term. They are not our allies, but enemies in disguise as friends. They hold us where we are, and though it feels good in the moment, listening to those parts will leave us weak and resentful in the long term.

Becoming who you are meant to be in the future means becoming who you are meant to be today. Leaving behind immaturity and distraction and courageously embracing change.

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