177 Episodes

Today we put out our 177th episode of the World Wanderers podcast. With a few exceptions, we have put out an episode weekly for the past three years.

The podcast started out as a simple way to document the places we had been and have an incentive for good conversations. Over time we have changed course in your lives and in the content that we have been creating.

It is amazing what the power of momentum can help you accomplish. When we were starting, just getting an episode out was a challenge. Every week felt like we had to climb a mountain of resistance. Now we can quickly and efficiently create episodes without much stress.

My thinking about many large issues has changed and that is reflected in the podcast. If anyone goes back and listens to the first episodes we did in 2014, you will find a different version of me. One with less life experience, and accordingly, different views on the world.

Since 2014 we’ve made some massive life changes. We moved to the states, we’ve traveled to dozens of countries, we built freelance careers, traveled Asia, and now moved to Mexico. We’ve documented all of those changes on the podcast.

We won’t continue with the podcast forever, but by consistently creating for the past three years, we’ve built a fantastic community of like-minded travelers, connected with great guests, and open doors to opportunities I would never have imagined. We’ve also created a record of our lives as we’ve grown. We have 150+ hrs of us talking about deep and meaningful ideas.

Because of the weekly episodes, there is forever a record of my thoughts and ideas from 2014 to 2017. By consistently creating I’ve stored a version of myself that I can always return to a reacquaint myself with.

As podcasting becomes more and more popular, a lot of people disparage how many people are starting podcasts. There is an “everyone has a podcast” cynicism. But when you think about how amazing it is to be able to store our selves in audio form, I find it more surprising that not everyone does it.

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