How to Get a Remote Job

A lot of people view employment relationships as a fixed unchangeable state instead of a dynamic two-way relationship. As a result, they fixate on job descriptions and fit before taking on a role and discount their ability to adapt to any role, once they’ve started.

A prevalent example of this comes from the desire for remote work. A ton of young professionals want remote work. But in the search for remote opportunities, many young professionals are ready to throw away great opportunities because they require an in-person commitment.

The best way to get a job you love is not waiting around for the perfect job to open up for you. It is to start working and through your work, create the role that you are best suited for.

For remote work, the best way to get a remote job as a young professional isn’t to wait aroundĀ for a remote work opportunity to pop up on It is to find a job that you like and can kick ass at, and to get to work.

After 6-months of doing great work in-person, you will likely have the leverage and trust you need to turn a non-remote role into a remote role. Once you prove you can do your job well, then it is so much easier to create more freedom in your role.

Waiting around for freedom to be handed to you will almost never get you what you want. Only by consistently helping others get what they want, will they be eager to help you get what you want.

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