Patience + Persistence

Getting what you want is much simpler than you imagine.

You don’t need to find a magic hack. You don’t need to stress day in and day out. You just to need start doing something today that will lead you in the direction of your goals and stick with it for as long as it takes.

You need to be patient; you need to be persistent.

Lots of people have patience. They are willing to wait around all day for someone to give them an opportunity, but patience alone is not enough if they won’t invest time or energy into anything unless it is immediately┬árewarded. They are happy waiting, but afraid of working.

You need more than just patience; you need patience and persistence. Patience in knowing that big results and great opportunities will come your way and persistence in sticking with the small daily actions that grind you slowly towards your goals.

No matter what you want in the future, you can always a way to translate it into actions that you can take today to start moving closer to it. If your patient and persistent you will always find yourself moving towards your goals and creating a better future.

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