You Don’t Like Your Job Because You Suck at Your Job

The working for the weekend, Mondays suck, I just want to win the lottery attitude, does not come from the external environment in which people work, but from the lack of self-esteem that people derive from their work.

They complain about their manager, their coworkers, their company, and all the external issues that make them want to leave, but the real reason is that they do not feel proud of the work they do.

They feel guilt, shame, and fear around their work and are looking for a way to escape. Instead of improving their skills or perspective so they can approach their work with more confidence, they pull the escape hatch and look for a new opportunity.

But the exact same issues will inevitably repeat in the next opportunity until they confront the reality that the reason they are unhappy is not that their job isn’t good, but that they aren’t good at their job. 


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