Giving Children Freedom

Most of the harmful and negative consequences people associate with giving children freedom are actually the result of poorly applied authoritarianism.

People see belligerent, rebellious children and conclude that it is a result of parents giving children too much freedom. As if respecting a child as an individual is destined to lead to chaos.

What they miss is the difference in freedom because individuals have rights and freedom because The Eye of Sauron malfunctions.


This is the category that most people wrongly equate with giving children to much freedom. It is not that these kids are given rights, it is that the parents are poorly applying authoritarians.

The rules are inconsistent, arbitrary, and often not enforced.


These are the tiger moms and helicopter parents who create kids that are shells of themselves.


This is the parent who hosts their kid’s parties and facilitates all sorts of self-destructive behavior. Children run amok, without guidance or support from the adults in their lives.


Finally, the rarest and most misunderstood category. Parents who are attentive and supportive, and create consistent systems of rules that are consistently enforced.


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